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Doncaster, 1976/77

(Mike Flanagan, 2001)

I've just found the 'Doctors' web-site for the first time and, as the saying goes, it sent a tingle down the spine... what memories of '76 and '77. We saw them three times, all at the Outlook club in Doncaster as I remember?

The Doctors of Madness, were never punk, they were never anything that could be categorised, just fantastically unique live, and memorable on vinyl for some of the best tracks, Waiting, Mainlines, and Suicide City - 'Pretty as a razor blade, on a bloody day, pretty as the mess you made of getting laid !'

Today I'm 41, married, respectable, three kids. Then, the first time, I was Sixteen, four of us went to the Outlook, a Monday night, naive, our first real gig - I'd been to Birmingham to see Kiss at the Odeon a few weeks before, but this is real stuff, inches away from the action.

Truth be known we failed to get in first time, dressed too normal, we stood out, and the bouncers copped our ages. We spent all night at the top of the fire escape listening to the gig through the doors and taking turns to peek in through the vented extractor fans.

Doctors were always stunning; if only you could recreate those feelings at will. Urban's electric violin, Stoner's bass, and Kid's guitar/vocals, the strobe lighting, everything was just total immersion in the experience. I've only just remembered the white coats and dummy after reading Kid's notes on the site, as he says "you have to have been there".

Seen him on telly a few times adverts and things, you see the face and think, 'that's Kid Strange', then you have to wait months 'til you see it again in a film or something, wait for the credits and think, 'yes, that's where he went!'


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'Doctors were always stunning; if only you could recreate those feelings at will...''































































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