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The Doctors, 100 Club (Bev Briggs, 1977/78, publication unspecified)

I liked Doctors of Madness

I'm not too sure about the Doctors.

They are, and always have been, a bunch of teasers, promising instant orgasm, but delivering headaches and frustration. Tonight's set promotes the need for vibrator and/or rubber doll. I don't have either. I feel badly done to.

The night started badly. The Boyfriends as support were a mistake. The 'too good to be true' Top of the Pops fodder didn't go down too well. Conveyor belt harmonies with a mass produced keyboard.

Trying too hard to be nice boys - about as entertaining as golden syrup. As original as Woolworths. Their set was short, no encore - if nothing else, they are realists.

Next The Doctors. Kid Strange and co have changed. Visually, no impact. No blue hair, no, not even black!

A metamorphosis inverted. Butterfly back to cocoon. Four weary black musicians living too long on potential.

My God! If only I could have seen them two years ago... now that's when it all could have happened.

Forty-five minutes were spent with an enthusiastic delivering of all the numbers off their forthcoming album.

Kid Strange was isolated out front - whatever happened to the rest of the band? Urban Blitz, maestro of the electric violin is fading into the oblivion of a cardboard cut-out. He used to add guts, now he delivers only whimpers.

The new stuff is faster, trying to keep pace with something, but resulting only in castrating what they used to have.

'Back from the Dead', the joint effort of Mr Strange and TV Smith, inspired no hallelujahs. 'Bulletin' is a total non-event delivered live. It's unadulterated trash on a single. 'Sons of Survival' is the only reason to have any hope for the album... the lyrics are satisfyingly depressing.

Back again to the old numbers for those of the faith.

Forget what I've told you. Everything they had is still there. Stoner is still the bass playing zombie, the 'mercury man', the cadaver echoing out desolation. Blitz saws out anSOS while Strange contorts, mainlaining madness.

I hate them/I love them. The start was lousy/The end was good. 'Suddenly we're the illegitimate sons of survival'

Where are they going/Will they succeed? 'Dead on Arrival'.


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'... forget what I've told you. Everything they used to have is still there.'